Skull Tattoo - Custom - Skull & Roses

Skull Tattoos live in that dingy tattoo studio that you've heard bad things about.

They really hate tattoo removal lasers.

These vicious spirits were created by a cursed tattoo machine

The cursed tattoos love to group together. 

They exist solely to scare the crap out of you!

and these flying skulls cackle in unison "Ahahahahaha!".

This custom painted skull and roses is solid resin, sits around 5.5cm (2") tall and is hand sculpted, cast and painted by Double Haunt. This skull comes individually boxed with an original piece of mini art that is signed.

Items will be shipped using Australia Post's regular mail service. If you wish to use express or registered mail contact us when you complete your order as additional charges may apply.

Due to the low tech, hand made nature of this skull some imperfections such as small air bubbles or paint brush marks may be present. For more information see our FAQ page.